Friday, November 7, 2008

Israel Centric Sydney University’s School of Government’s Support of Terrorism

Israel Centric Sydney University’s School of Government’s Support of Terrorism

Politics of Oil was today’s Politics in the Pub lecture. Diarmuid Maguire of secretive and evasive School of Government, Sydney University delivered a carefully concealed pro-American history of oil. Stuart White of University Of Technology was much more open and fair. Nonetheless no one managed to ignore the truth.

I also took the podium and said, “oil is more valuable than gold. We need it and it affects us all. The sad part is the media outlets are gutless and complaisant about this issue. Even we public are lacking courage to talk about it freely. You see, a few weeks ago a deputy Prime Minister of a terrorist state said, “we got no choice but to nuke Iran” and the oil price went up to $US150.00. Later the price came down a bit. However, the CIA released pictures of Possible Israeli practice run to nuke Iran and the oil price jumped again. To cut the story short, some one broadcasted pictures of Iranian test fire of long range missiles. Again, the price jumped to the roof. So, my question is, who gave the power to this Zionist state to terrorise rest of the world and why we are so gutless about it?” The crowed applauded me.

Stuart White was scared to say a word, possibly to save his job. However, Diarmuid Maguire of the secretive and evasive School of Government continued his blatant Israel centric policy. He said, “if I were an Israeli citizen or general then I would be scared of Iranian nuclear power plant as an alternative source of energy because one day they MAY convert it to a nuclear bomb. … “ The crowed was shocked and asked a few more question to virtually back me up but found more bleak answers.

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