Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do You Like To Know How Did I Hurt My Toe?

Do You Like To Know How Did I Hurt My Toe?

I went to bed after watching the brilliant and hopeful Inauguration ceremony.

I received an invitation to work with President Obama. I accepted it instantly and I was working very hard for democracy and world peace. I improved my self and meticulously avoiding to open my big mouth as I do most of the time. I know I am being watched and I have to be very careful. I even sacrificed some good time too!

But one day I lost my cool! Everybody know this guy! He hangs around the cemetery and White House. He tries to tell everyone how good he is and how many good things he did. I have noticed that guy have been annoying most the people around the area for a long time. That day, I lost my cool and said, “listen you asshole don’t I I me” and then I kicked his ass. He then replied, “you supposed to be a non-violent peace activist”. Guess what? I did not kick George Bush’s ass. In fact I kicked the wall of my bedroom and I injured my toe slightly.

Sorry, it was a dream. In reality I injured my toes and it hurts.