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Anti-Muslim Conspiracies in Australia

Anti-Muslim Conspiracies in Australia

Further to Free Australia Now successive Australian governments and media outlets love to do any thing for Zionist Israel like The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen ClerkLegs are Open for Business.

Items like legs are open for business, Brazilian connection, father and daughter and Lord Downer of Baghdad may shed some light about the mentality of some people here in Australia.

On the other hand the anti-Muslim/anti-Arab hysteria could be evidenced by John Howard – The Lying Son of A Bitch and Hitler to Zio-Nazis is confronting the Wise person of Middle East Formula for Peace. Keating in Howard Hitler jibe and Howard is Damaging Relations with the Muslim World are a few more example too.

Today the channel seven news and many other news outlets are dispatching similar stories. Yet, many media outlets are virtually inciting against Muslims and they are not giving Muslims an opportunity to explain their side of the story.

MP 'defending Australia' against Muslim school
Friday December 21, 02:11 PM

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Christian Democrats MP Reverend Fred Nile says he is trying to protect Australia's future by opposing the construction of an Islamic school in Sydney's south-west.

The Quranic Society has lodged a $19 million development application for a 1,200-place school at Camden, sparking outrage among many locals.

More than 1,000 people flocked to a community meeting about the school in Camden on Wednesday night, with the riot police called in to control the large number present.

Rev Nile gave a speech about Islam's opposition to Christianity, telling the meeting some Muslim schools overseas had produced terrorists.

The state MP has today rejected criticism from Quranic Society spokesman Jeremy Bingham, who said yesterday "overzealous" Christians needed to remember the crusades were over.

"It's no good putting your head in the sand as they've done in the UK, France and Holland," Rev Nile said.

"Now they have massive social problems [and] I don't want to see those problems in Australia.
"They may not occur, they won't be occurring tomorrow, but they may.

"We may be discussing this on the ABC in 2010 [or] 2020, when people are throwing up their hands saying, 'How did we allow this situation to develop?'"

Christmas concerns

Rev Nile says he is concerned about the Islamic attitude towards Christmas.
"Let's celebrate Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, which is condemned in the Koran, which is a textbook of Muslim schools," he said.

"The textbook says anyone who serves Jesus Christ, the son of God, is a corrupt or perverted unbeliever, 'God assail them'. That's my concern."

Both Islamic and Christian groups say they do not support Rev Nile's comments.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils says his interpretation of the Koran and Christmas is completely wrong.

Council president Ikebal Patel says Jesus is a prophet of Islam, and Muslims in Australia do enjoy and celebrate the Christmas period.

"In Islam, Christmas is a time for relaxing with family, for exchanging gifts," he said.

"It's also a time when you really reflect on the past year and I think its a time when you take your children into the shopping mall and have Santa put them on their laps and you take photos."

Mr. Patel has invited Rev Nile to have a coffee with him and learn more about Islam.

Uniting Church president Reverend Gregor Henderson meanwhile says Rev Nile is bordering on religious extremism.

"I think Fred is running the danger of inciting prejudice and distress in the community when there is no need for such fear," he said.

Camden Mayor Chris Patterson says the council expects to make a decision on the school by March next year.

Councillor Patterson says more than 3,000 public submissions have been received opposing the school, many covering concerns about traffic and potential overdevelopment of the site.
But he says a small amount voiced racial and religious opposition.

Channel Seven

NSW MPs and locals oppose Islamic school

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December 20, 2007 - 10:08AM

Two NSW MPs have joined local residents in calling for the scrapping of plans for a 1,200-student Islamic school proposed for Sydney's south-west.

Police stood guard as hundreds of residents protested at a meeting held on Wednesday night at Camden's civic centre, which was hosted by the Camden Macarthur Residents Group.
Camden Council has received 3,500 public submissions in relation to the development application.

Of those, about 2,700 are complete with names and addresses, and all but 13 oppose the development.

Upper house Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile attended the meeting and quoted from the Koran about Islam's opposition to Christianity during a speech to the attendees.

He told ABC Radio after the meeting: " ... all the Aussies that are celebrating carols by candlelight this week all over Australia, millions of Australians, are condemned by the Koran.

"And sincere Muslims are supposed to believe this book - the Koran is the word of God, the word of their god, Allah."

Another upper house MP, Liberal Charlie Lynn, who was also in attendance, said only 100 Muslim families lived in Camden.

"This is an attempt by social engineers to inflict culture shock, if you like on Camden," Mr Lynn told Macquarie Radio.

"This is what they're objecting about and the other thing is that the location of the school is totally in breach of the planning requirements for a school of this type.

"This development is smack on, adjacent to, a flood plain and heritage area."
He said he condemned the few people outside the meeting who said they opposed the school merely because they did not want more Muslims in the Camden area.

"On both sides of the divide you're going to have one or two idiots," he said.
"Last night was about the Camden community and it was a very sensible meeting."
The council is expected to make its decision on the school by March but Camden mayor Chris Patterson would not speculate on how the council would vote.

He told Macquarie Radio that all development applications are reviewed according to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and a refusal would not necessarily mean the applicants would appeal to the Land and Environment Court (LEC).

Bankstown and Blacktown councils have knocked back applications to build schools this year and neither have gone to the LEC, Mr Patterson said.

"I think every DA has to be on its merits and then the applicant will have the right to see, if it's
knocked back, whether they then wish to proceed with a higher court," he told Macquarie Radio.

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