Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gas Chamber Bound Zionists/Jews/Israelis

Gas Chamber Bound Zionists/Jews/Israelis

Further to Jewish Virgins, Jews of Mesada, Can you believe these animals?, Gutless Council and Media and White Australia Policy or Destruction of Europe?; they are untouchables! These chosen racists criminals love to poke at others based on totally false and factious reasons and grounds!! However, should anyone wishes to point back their crimes and idiocy then the get upset and remove those articles like the one below!

In my humble opinion, they should volunteer themselves to the nearest gas chamber.

Do you know how many virgin were waiting for them?

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Deleted Question: Do you know how many virgin were waiting for them?

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--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:Do you know how many virgin were waiting for them?

Further to Can you believe these animals? what do you now about the Jews of Masada?

All of these Jewish men, women and children committed suicide to avoid capture! Do you know how many virgin were waiting for them?

Source: AyaanHirsiAlitoo and Free America Now

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