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The World of Yahoo is Under Zionist/Israeli Boot

The World of Yahoo is Under Zionist/Israeli Boot

Mukto Mona’s valid question Dick Head God or Yahoo? provoked this Violation Notice Email

Danish youths riot for sixth night is a bad and sad news. But, under what law, moral or authority they have the right to publish cartoons depicting prophet of Islam as a terrorist and we don’t have any right to ask a genuine question. What kind of double standard and hypocrisy is that? Why do we have put up with such a crap?

Again, in the name of free speech they made a so called documentary claiming the holy Quran is the source of violence! However, they did not do the same comparison with the sanctimonious Torah or Bible despite the fact Inquisition and Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine are glaring at them!

Do we call it a deliberate Zionist Conspiracy?

Violation Notice Email
Friday, 15 February, 2008 HH}:50

From: "Yahoo! Answers"

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Question: Dick Head God or Yahoo?
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So, God wants to expel Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and non Jews from “God’s land”! Do we have the map of “God’s land” and true identity of “God’s Chosen People”? Isn’t fair and proper to say, “Bloody God who would like to expel Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and non Jews from the so called God’s land must be a dick head and we all should piss and **** on his face”?

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Dick Head God or Yahoo?

So, God wants to expel Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and non Jews from "God's land"! Do we have the map of "God's land" and true identity of "God's Chosen People"?

Isn't fair and proper to say, "Bloody God who would like to expel Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and non Jews from the so called God's land must be a dick head and we all should piss and shit on his face"?

If William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens are "anti-Semites" then reporters, victims and witnesses of Deir Yassin Massacre, Sabra and Shatila massacre, Israeli Holocaust, Palestinian Holocaust in the Holy Land, slow motion and cunningly conspired holocaust around the Iron Wall

Now, these people have been conducting all of those crimes in front of your and my eyes. You people are doing nothing to prevent them or even saying nothing to condemn them. Whereas we are pointing out their crimes and genocides in a constructive and peaceful manner with corroborative evidences! Yet, our good works are getting condemned by Yahoo and Yahoo Terms of Service!! It is hypocritical and crystal clear examples of deliberate and blatant double standard. It is also a sign of absolute cowardice!

However, Norma Khoury, Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali and many more crooks became over night celebrity by inciting against Muslims and Arabs based on totally false and fabricated prejudice and bigotry of theirs; aided by a very well known and organized groups. In the net and media Islam and Arab bashings are the most spectacular sports.

Again, you see Muslim and Arab bashings are the most popular sports in the town. For an example people like Bat Yeor, Melanie Phillips, Prof. Raphael Israeli and many more Zionists/"Jews/Israelis are borrowing entire chapters and verses from Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf against Arabs and Muslims and then they express their astonishment in German Poll Support Nazi Rule! A commotion like Greek Historian sentenced for 'Holocaust' denial does not attract the fundamental question of free speech!

o by primoa19...
This conflict is 100% Scriptural.............Israel belongs to the Jews..........period. It is God's land. The promise was to Abraham, Isaac & Jacob...........not Ishmael or Esau.Read Scripture
Who is anti_Semite?In Books & Authors – Asked by Mukto Mona - 2 answers - 2 weeks ago - Resolved
· by steve_ge...

Some people say that Shakespeare was antisemitic in creating the character of Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice." Similarly Dickens with the character of Fagin in "Oliver Twist." Shakespeare says that Shylock was a Jew. Dickens doews not say that Fagin is, but some readers have recognized a stereotypical description

Remember, further to Muslim vs Jews, the then Australian Prime Minister John Howard went on to crucify Yaser Arafat for rejecting Ehud Barak's Generous Offer. So the Zionised media around the world! Trade Union Leader Faruque Ahmed was angered by the monumental hypocrisy and double slandered. He then wrote the article John Howard – The Lying Son of A Bitch. Would you believe, the Prime Minister and his Attorney General's office were on the hooter to stop his blogs without any success! Still today, many good peoples are trying to silence Mr. Ahmed!

One must wonder, Yahoo staffs are mainly Zionist or totally Zionised?

Source: Ershad Manji below and they have murdered his free speech by removing the question entirely! and many more Israeli Holocaust in Palestine are bloody anti-Semites!

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